digital | 14.07.2014


Plautze „Ausufernd“

„I was looking through the window – without thinking…“

Biotop presents the first exclusive insight into Paulo Olarte and Patrick Zigon‘s new genre-breaking Plautze project. The two friends gathered their skills and their passion for open-minded, experimental electronic music, and started to dive into the Traumraum Studio at Lake Constance in Southern Germany – with the aim to create their very own deep and mystical sound-planet.

The result is the upcoming „Uferlos“ album, which will be released in october 2014 on Biotop. „Ausufernd“ is the first single, and features two expressive, danceable Plautze tracks: the hypnotic and moody „Thought“ with Paulo Olarte‘s unique voice and the rough and techy „Canto De Ducha“.

„Ausufernd“ comes along with a creepy artwork by Fee Felicia. More information on Biotop is alive.

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