Patrick Zigon

Ich See

Video by Tripfabrik


„Seagulls elegantly communicating by pitch and body language – monogamous poets of life at sea. Delightful natural motion of habitat harmony – the main condition for a healthy path through life.“

The moving pictures of the german visual-artist Chris Janzen aka Tripfabrik are playing an important role in the Biotop label-concept. Chris is traveling the world, to get inspired and to get the footage for his organic videos and live-visuals – he only uses what he filmed himself. For Patrick Zigon’s „Ich See“, he delivers his most on-point and minimal work so far – his beautiful grooving seagulls.

Video produced by Tripfabrik |
Footage filmed in Portugal, Europe.
Musik: Patrick Zigon „Ich See“ [Biotop] |