Various Artists „[vIVID]“

Biotop gets [vIVID] with 10 electronic masterpieces, made by the deeply talented members of the constantly growing Biotop-family. This collection embodies the sustainable sound philosophy of Biotop with tasteful tracks for the sophisticated dance floors of the planet.

[vIVID] contains a wide range of electronic moods: deep and dubby by Alessandro Crimi & Patrick Zigon, Pablo Bolivar & Sharin and Paulo Olarte; driving and hypnotic by Pawas & Mastra, Himan and Alessio Mereu; trippy and dark by Till Krüger, Insect O., Noah Pred and the Honest People. [vIVID] is an interrelated sound collage created with classic House & Techno elements by true artists.„[vIVID]„ will be released in march digitally, completed with a beautiful artwork by Fee Felicia. More information on Biotop is vivid.


selected feedback:

Darren Emerson
Great selection of deepness.

Troy Pierce
Lobe and Noah Pred tracks are both dope!


Patrick Lindsey
good stuff here

Stacey Pullen
cool will try thanks

Axel Bartsch
very nice compi! till krüger did the tune to play out, rest is for the car rides.

Angel Molina
Les Champs Magnetiques and Chalet D’Amour are nice mellow tracks, but I ́m especially into the techy Floating Markets.

Patrick Bateman
I always gets excited when I see there is a Biotop promo in my mailbox, and this one lives up to my expectations. 10 cool deep tracks, and the ones I could imagine playing at my housy sets are:
Jailed in the Restroom, Les Champs Magnetiques, Story of Our Lives, Chalet D’Amour, Blau, Lobe.

Jonny Cruz
wow, loving all the flavors in this compilation..well done

Steve Stix
great compilation. support!!

Makossa (FM4)
nice, solid tracks !

Berk Offset
Really something to get lost in, nice!


Slam Mode
I’m feelin‘ this…well done.

supported, downloaded & played by:

Alessio Mereu, Alex Mallios, Andy Bach, Angel Molina, Animal Trainer, Axel Bartsch, Berk Offset, Binary & Durden, Chris Fortier, Claudio Coccoluto, Clint Stewart, Colin Boardway (Yoruba), Crazy (, Da Funk, Daniel Mehlhart, Daniel.fx, Darren Emerson, Deneha , DJ Dub, Dubfire, Elektrosalz, Fideles, Francesco Bonara, Franksen , G.DIGGER, George P., Gurwan, Hans Thalau, Jonny Cruz, Kisk, Makossa (FM4), Markantonio, Marko Nastic, Noah Pred, Paco Buggin, Patrick Bateman, Patrick Lindsey, Paul Hazendonk, Philogresz, Reto Ardour, Richie Hawtin, Riva Starr, Rob Slac, Robbie Akbal, Sinan Mercenk, Slam Mode, Sophie Nixdorf, Stacey Pullen, Steve Stix, Toby Dreher, Tobsen Graale, Troy Pierce, Turmspringer, Werner Niedermeier, Wigbert, Zweistein