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Gale Talk „When I Met You In The Rain“

Biotop proudly welcomes Gale Talk to the family, and presents his first ever studio album. The Madrid-based artist is well known for his quality releases on labels such as w0rkt34m, Rosedale, Evonext, Quatro, Esperanza, Pong, and many more. Gale’s music and attitude fits perfectly on Biotop, as nature itself is the source of each of his sounds. He developed his very own musical concept filled with eclecticism and a very personal hallmark, derived from many hours of research – something very rare in these days of fast-produced and even more quickly consumed music.

Like every true artist, Gale Talk is a human being with deep emotions – so his first album is the result of many hours of work in the studio and a mixture of good feelings, bad feelings, and everything in between. Some of his tracks were made during a period of sadness while others were produced during the most uplifting happiness he had ever experienced. Life itself reflects this mixture of feelings and creates a balanced space where Gale can share his feelings and music with the listeners.

“When I Met You In The Rain“ is a proof of this statement, coming from a very personal experience Gale had in New York City, where he met his girlfriend, Ivana. Since they met, she has been his light and inspiration, so he dedicated this album to his love. Gale Talk’s music brings Biotop back to its very own roots: deep dub techno with a strong Detroit influence. “When I Met You In The Rain“ contains pure emotions packed up in timeless electronic masterworks, which inspire the listeners to close their eyes and disappear into another lovely dimension. Gale Talk’s debut album is a declaration of love – not only for his girlfriend Ivana, but also for electronic music and true art forms in general.

“When I Met You In The Rain“ will be released in December, complete with delicate mastering by Werner Niedermeier and a beautiful cover design by Ninaj Noori.