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Patrick Zigon „Due To Fog“

Biotop proudly presents the second studio album from Patrick Zigon: Due To Fog.

Six years after his debut full-length, The Alpha State, Zigon is back, releasing Due To Fog here on his own imprint. The German producer enchants with his signature dub-laden pads, hypnotic beats, dreamy synth-lines, and compelling percussion – but also hints at new directions with rough and abstract techno cuts sprinkled throughout. Containing ten organic compositions brimming with Zigon’s trademark attitude and depth, Due To Fog is an emotional voyage between bright moments and dark.

Fog has always played an important role in Patrick Zigon’s artistic life – at least since 1993, when Patrick moved to Lake Constance in the south of Germany. Proximity to the early ’90s rave capitol of Zürich was Patrick’s ticket to the colorful cosmos of electronic music – but an even deeper inspiration was perhaps the breathtaking nature of Lake Constance itself: during the lush and radiant summertime full of international visitors, and also in the dark, melancholic winter, devoid of tourists, when the lake is wrapped in a thick blanket of fog more often than not. While the sun dances with the fog’s grey tendrils throughout the colder seasons, the misty embrace of Lake Constance’s atmosphere provides Patrick with the comfort to explore his deepest creative urges.

As a result, the full-length emerged from the fog of Patrick’s process somewhat spontaneously: it wasn’t until all the tracks were finished and listened to in context that Zigon realized he had an album on his hands. Along with seven unreleased tracks, Due To Fog contains three of Patrick’s most significant works from recent years: Ich See and Vajinashun, previously released on Biotop, and The End My Friend, issued by Etui Records. Patrick now brings his special brand of mystically foggy techno and house to the dance floors of the world – with an extended album tour and a brand new live rig in tow.

Due To Fog will be released in May 2017. For more information:


Selected Feedbacks:

Juan Atkins:
played ‚The End My Friend‘ in his podcast for Clash magazine:

Laurent Garnier:
Deep melodies, superb atmospheres & funky rhythms. this is a brilliant album. Will play a LOT. Thanks a lot, Laurent G.
played ’nebelkind‘ in his radioshow ‚It Is What It Is‘:

Robert Babicz:
ohhh das ist aber ein schönes album.

DJ Sasha:
cool stuff thanks (Ich See)

good stuff, thanks!!! (Ich See)

quality gear from young patrick , beautifully produced tracks deep dubby dark moody business that i like ! „out of touch“ tip

Funk D’Void:
Great work Patrick, lovely stabs, syncopated techy beats and swirling atmospheres with crystal-cut production. Bravo!

Dj Hell:
Tolles Album! Mein Favorit ist Damokles.

Pan-Pot (Tassilo):
Great Album dear Patrick! Full support!

magic release! (Ich See)

Gregor Tresher:
excellent new album! great work as always by patrick! will play „out of touch“.

Gabriel Ananda:
Really nice album with a diversity of analogue sounding music. Out Of Touch is a huge dub track for the dance floor, Nebelkind and The End My Friend are my favorites for listening and will be in the selection for Soulful Techno Radioshow. Thank you!

thanx a lot

really like this. melodies are beautiful. Dope! Thank you b (Ich See)

Florian Schirmacher:
Was bleibt, wenn wir alles loslassen, die Nacht erkunden und uns beim Tanzen wiederfinden? Vielleicht das Album von Patrick Zigon. Lopov Leti – mein Fav!

Hernan Cattaneo:
Very good stuff. out of touch my fav.

Marcel Dettmann:
thx (Ich See)

Thanks for the music!

DJ Sneak:
cool stuff! (Vajinashun)

Pascal Feos:
Cool Album! Great work!

Eduardo De La Calle:
Some tunes I do like here 🙂

Jackmate a.k.a. Soulphiction:
the end my friend ist nach dem ersten durchlauf schonmal der fave!

Marco Resmann:
Ich See is just great! Thanks (Ich See)

nice album with lots of nice melodies!

Mathias Schaffhäuser:
very good album, very cool development in the flow of the tracks. „ich see“ is still a hit, and the more technoid stuff like „absurdistan“ + „parallelwelt“ are really great and interesting! thumbs up! will play & chart.

Martin Eyerer:
superb Album! Love the versatiility and athmosphere. Great work!!!

Matthew Dekay:
Love ‚ich see’. I will definitely make my own edit as I have some other ideas. Great original though!

Ray Okpara:
great LP!!!! my fav are: Ich See & Out Of Touch. really good stuff here…full support from mannheim!!!! rR

Ramon Tapia:
Great album my friend ! love the deepness in Vajinashun ! Big one ! you got my support !

Jamie Anderson:
Seriously good album – every track is exceptionally crafted. Great work Patrick!

Stacey Pullen:
cool tanks

What a great piece of art!

Mihai Popoviciu:
beautiful album patrick!

For what it is, this is bloody good. Very coherent and makes complete sense as a package. 5/5

Peter Grummich:
nice studio workout here ,this is a classic detroitish techno album ,my favorite tracks are Damokies and The End my Friend,thanks peter g

Bryan Zentz:
Big fan of Patrick’s work and this album is a true showcase of his talent and mastery of moody / funky electronic music. Loving the flow of this album as well as the concept and cover art. It all seems to fit perfectly. Lopov Leti, Out Of Touch, and Parallelwelt—wow! Thanks for this.

James What:
Excellent tracks, really enjoying these! Will support, keep them coming! Thanks again!

Dope album! What an elegant production, beautiful light shining in subtil darkness. „Paseo de los Melancolicos“ is timeless, the hypnotic beat of „Parallelwelt“ is superb.

Fabrice Lig:
Excellent album, melodies, funk, but also the sound design is superb.

Very nice deep and dubby stuff. Will definitely play this. Thanks!!

Again great stuff from patrick. can´t find a favorite. love all tracks. great work ! all thumbs up !

Brett Johnson:
Nice LP, still really like „Ich See“.

Nice LP Thanks!

Argenis Brito:
thnx for the music good job!!!!

Iron Curtis:
what a beautiful album! liking this a lot. cheers, johannes

Bravo Patrick! Nice album, thank you for sending.

I’m always a bit reluctant to albums. It’s difficult to focus on 10 tracks from one artist. But this album from Patrick is a nice exception. There’s not one track I dislike! In fact, all tracks are really great quality, never boring and very subtle and tastefull produced. Very well done!

Chris Fortier:
great sounds patrick.

Very nice album from Pat! Will request the wav’s and have a proper listen as this is worth it. Totally!

My ears are enjoying this very much… great sounds and arrangements. Congrats!

Soukie & Windish:
Hammer Ding!

Patrick Lindsey:
Nice versatile Album, love the deep stuff also the drive in some tracks!

Pablo Bolivar:
Yes! Its sounds very interesting, will listen it carefully!

I am amazed with this huge beautiful and inspiring work! i could play all tracks on my dj sets. this will be played bay me for a long time i must admit it! thank you!

Javier Orduna:
Just brilliant, best LP of this year, dub, detroitish and raw classic techno tracks, super great and atemporal music….ICH SEE Is a HIT

Amazing album Patrick, you did a super job here!

Lovely stuff, quality production.. will play and use it for my channel Sound of berlin on FluxFM / FluxMusic

Dodi Palese:
Brillant!!! Thank you.

Magit Cacoon:
Some serious bombs in here!

George P.:
not possible to pick a favorite. amazing album. thx for sharing. perfect release all the way

Axel Bartsch:
great album with my alltime fav ich see

Alexander Maier:
Superb album Patrick. Really love the complete piece of art. dark, athmospheric and very versatile. luv it! schnaps on me for that 🙂

Zoe Xenia:
Vajinashun, Out Of Touch and The End My Friend sound great thnx!

WOW! goosebump-inducing techno! Impressive work. Thanks for the promo. Will play and chart.

Brothers Vibe:
Solid works man!! Good luck with the release :0)

Paul Hazendonk:
Sounding very good on first listen. Will download the whole album and will listen more closely

Proper techno album with dope production. Great job!

Super Quality album, i’m digging all the track, really nice work!!! All my support.

My favorite here is „Ich See“. Great production and very intimate. Congrats Partrick!

Simply Beautiful!!! What a great album from Mr. Patrick… This guy is in the scene for a long time, and it always produce really great tracks. He is a true ARTIST!

Naveen G:
top album, can’t decide which to play. Vajinashun and the harder leanings of Absurdistan are really cool (and would love to hear more driving techno from him). will be hard to not use all of it

Werner Niedermeier:
cool album all the way!

Mike Starr:
nothing but love for the release – look fwd to hearing these out

Quality Album! Awesome production and superb overall feel! Thank you very much!

Love the deepness and the atmosphere in the album. Will listen carefully again in the studio and choosing the right ones for my sets! Thank you!

Signal Deluxe:
Real good stuff! thanks a lot

David Phillips:
well well. my old friend from lake constance. i remember the good old times with you there back in the mid 90ies;-) your second album is a master piece with well done tracks. foggy & deep. yeeees. full support. thx. david

Thank you for the nice, warm music!

Mike Spirit:
Really good album, actually quite hard to say my favorite track. All of them are different way of musical trips. This is THE ALBUM!

Sincerely Patrick? Congratulations for your wonderful album, it’s a super travel through a lot of influences and ambiances. If I have really have to choose ones, I would say first of all dubby and atmospheric “Out of Touch“,  then psychodelic „Parallelwelt“, and also „Damokles“ und „Ich see“ . Thank you very much for the music, can’t wait to play the tracks!

Hideto Omura:
I like last 4 tracks, nice work, thank you!

Frank Leicher:
Very nice production full support

Ocean Lam:
Love them all!! As usual Patrick delivered quality, Paseo De Los Melancolicos, Damokles, Absurbistan are so goooooddddd!! Can`t wait to play them all xx

Ian O’Donovan:
Very cool album indeed! Lots of really nice melodies and solid tracks. Will play a few of these for sure and look forward to listening to it in full. Thanks

what a big picture here! with every ingredient speaking the truth about why we love electroni cmusic: thy dynamics, the feel, the versatility. big one!

Man With No Shadow:
BIG! Always loving a bit of Zigon and this album totally brings it again. Really digging the slower tracks on this as well. Great work, thanks MWNS

Thanks for sending this, I agree with the overall opinion, every track on the album needs to be there. It’s not an easy task to achieve such a physical and dance floor oriented album with this much precision, most of the music on it is alive with melody and intelligent beats! There’s plenty of music I can use for my own sets, and the production level helps me to feel confident they will sound great.

Alexander Koning:
very nice album. I like several tracks and will play them!

Sam Farsio:
Quality release. Loving them. Thanks

Summer (Brendon Collins):
This is fantastic Patrick, nice work as usual from you.

Tomi Chair:
great release!! especially I like Vajinashun! very emotional!!

Javier Benitez:
GREAT tracks here . great producer . great atmospheres and stabs and chords . in an album full on lovely things ! congrats and respect ! this is brillant . will play a lot of this tracks on my sets . tnx for sending !

Rui Vargas:
great abum which shines as a whole piece.

Simon Beeston:
Another magic LP. Trademark stuff from one of my favourite artists of all time. Well done mate. Full support.

Benno Blome:
very nice! will check in detail – thanks!

Makossa (FM4):
great production .. nice, deep vibes !

The Glitz:
Great productions. Will check out!

Mirco Violi:
nice album

Alessandro Crimi:
thank you!

Helmut Dubnitzky:
Amtliches Album vom Her Zigon. gefällt mir sehr gut

Bjoern Scheurmann:
Great work representing the talent and diversity of the producer. A really balanced longplayer which operates in several styles of electronic music. For sure in my case and to find in my next sets! *thx

Really Solid Album from Patrick, a demonstration of his talent ! bravo

Absurdistan is great. Out of Touch too.