Long is the work tour and sacrifice applied by this Madrilenian Duo, owners from the OH! My God Recordings Label, but everything was worth it.

Information about their ascendant progression as producers in this last year, does that international artists such as Patrick Zigon, Michel de Hey, Toni Ríos or Patrick Chardronnet trust in their personal sound to work with, even with remixes or tracks co-producted.

Artists like David Durango, David Duriez, Pablo Bolivar, David Kenp, Michal Ho or Daso are their last incorporation to their already complete artists team and also wear now the Oh! My god Recordings T-Shirt.

Usually at First level artists’ Charts such as: JohnDigweed, Maya Jane Coles or Richie Hawtin… In this 2015 edit remixes and license for labels like Mixmag Rec, Sullivan Room Rec (NY) or BluFin Records managing to remix for Toni Ríos in his 25th anniversary recompilation.

Human Halo, Underground Madrilenian sound with a clear house, techno and dance floor.