Producing and performing live for over ten years, Noah Pred emerged from the Canadian underground as a sought-after techno DJ with a sophisticated sound and unique style…The entity known as Noah Pred arrived on Earth in the spring of 1979. Developing sonic skills through countless adventures between, this restless soul now finds himself based in the cultural nexus of modern Berlin.

Making the leap to Europe after five years fertilizing the extensive musical underground of Canada’s multicultural metropolis, he comes deeply impacted by the unique influence of Toronto. Launching his Thoughtless imprint there over four years ago, the label is now well past its fiftieth release – Pred’s acclaimed ERA ONE mix-CD – and has served to expose many potent talents from Canada and beyond.

Throwing the much-loved Thoughtless label parties was a natural evolution of numerous DJ residencies held by Pred in Vancouver, Montreal and in Toronto with the legendary Fukhouse crew. The past few years have seen Noah perform extensively throughout North America, delivering highly improvised sets that always strive to meet the moment head-on.

While past side projects have seen him working deep electro breaks and analog dub, contemporary strains of house and techno remain at the core of Pred’s aesthetic. A versatile musician at heart (and a former bassist), his latest undercover experiments explore a futuristic interpretation of 2-step polyrhythms.

Recent releases on Highgrade, Cynosure, Regular and Siteholder have earned a renewed focus on his distinctive production style and extensive discography. 2012 looms large for Pred, with releases on the horizon for Thoughtless, Trapez LTD and Affin – and a tireless approach that keeps him forever on the edge.