Rennie Foster

Vancouver | Canada


RF is a consolidation of all things Rennie Foster under one banner – a label for Rennie’s personal releases, and artists in his close circle of peers, emerging and well-known alike. The sound of RF, the label, is much like a Rennie Foster DJ set, a unique style that references several eras and genres, and remains completely distinct. RF pays homage to Detroit techno, Chicago house music, B-boy culture, plus subtle nods to vogue culture, new wave, skateboarding, old school rave and all other subculture that fuels Rennie’s rebellious and infamous presence in the underground. After spending nearly a quarter of his life in Tokyo, Japan, and support from artists such as Derrick May and Laurent Garnier, it’s no surprise that Rennie Foster’s signature imprint contains a little bit of everything, yet sounds like nothing else out there. Purists beware, RF is in the area.