Biotop gets [vIVID] with 10 electronic masterpieces, made by the deeply talented members of the constantly growing Biotop-family. This collection embodies the sustainable sound philosophy of Biotop with tasteful tracks for the sophisticated dance floors of the planet.

[vIVID] contains a wide range of electronic moods: deep and dubby by Alessandro Crimi & Patrick Zigon, Pablo Bolivar & Sharin and Paulo Olarte; driving and hypnotic by Pawas & Mastra, Himan and Alessio Mereu; trippy and dark by Till Krüger, Insect O., Noah Pred and the Honest People. [vIVID] is an interrelated sound collage created with classic House & Techno elements by true artists.

„[vIVID]„ will be released in march digitally, completed with a beautiful artwork by Fee Felicia. More information soon. Biotop is vivid.